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Rock climbing j.d.o.o. “Adventure Omiš” was founded in 2013 by a few enthusiasts, with a combined love for nature and extreme sports. It all started in 2011 when Ivica Beović, as an employee of the Skočibe firm, started working as a free climbing instructor and a guide of adventure tourism. A few years later Rock climbing “Adventure Omiš” was founded. It specializes in the management of adventure tourism, like free climbing, canyoning, kayaking, hiking and other adventure activities. With the satisfaction of both us and our guests, Rock climbing j.d.o.o. “Adventure Omiš” today counts five adventure tourism guides and a big number of associates. While guided with commitment and perfection towards our profession, each year we strive to improve our capability and quality of work, so that our guests would be safer, happier and more satisfied.

About our staff: ivo Ivica Beović-Ivo: Born in Split on December 27th 1989 and lives in Gata, not far from Omiš. Ivo is one of the founders of “Adventure Omiš” and he has been actively involved in sports climbing and white water sports since 2005. He is a licensed instructor of free climbing and a guide of adventure tourism. He has been a member of the Croatian mountain rescue service since 2008 where he was licensed as a rescuer on white waters (rescue 3 Europe), also he has completed courses in speleology, alpine climbing and mountaineering.

Certifications: Croatian mountain rescue service Rescue 3 europe certification Rescue 3 europe Rescue 3 international Instructor of free climbing Guide of adventure tourism Certification of speleology school Certification of mountaineering school Certification of free climbing school

unnamed 2Stipe Jerončić-Jera Born in Split on January 24th 1992 and lives in Duće a town near Omiš. He is currently attending the university of Maritime studies in Split. For the last few years he has been actively involved in trekking races, while in his free time he engages in rock climbing and martial arts which he trained intensively for 3 years. In 2012 he became a guide of adventure tourism and since then has been a part of the “Adventure Omiš” team.
Certifications: Rescue 3 europe certificationGuide of adventure tourism , Certification of mountaineering school , Bicycle guide certification





GOPR5161 Josip Matijevic-Joso Born on July 15th 1996 and lives in Omiš where he attends high school “Jure Kaštelan”. He has been actively involved in basketball since he was 8 and has been volunteering in the Croatian Red cross since 2007. After 2 years of training he became a licensed canyoning guide in 2014.
Certifications: Guide of adventure tourism





ivo jerčić

Ivo Jerčić – Born in Split on September 17th 1996,lives in Dugi Rat,small town near Omiš. He is currently attending the Department of Informatics at PMF in Split.
He has been actively involved in football since he was 7 and loves to spend his free time running.
He became a guide of adventure tourism and since then has been a part of the “Adventure Omiš” team
Certifications: Guide of adventure tourism


jure stanic
Jure Stanić
– Born in Split on May 28th 1996 and lives in Nemira near Omis.There he finished high school "Jure Kaštelan" and is currently attending the university of electrical engineering(FESB). For the last 3 years he is actively involved in football.
In year 2015. he started his training as a guide for kayaking  and canyoning tours and started working in 2016. 
Certifications: Guide of adventure tourism


My name is Lana Kosor.
I am a recreational fan of nature and adventures for many years.
I am actively engaged in sports, and occasionally I take the "Total body workout" training in
Local fitness studio.
I am communicative and active in use of English language in speech and scripture.
I like to spend time in nature, but also to learn new things.
I am a team player and ready to help at any time.
Education and training of
"Jure Kaštelan" –  High School
Faculty of Chemical Technology – Food Technology

Completed training for guide of adventure tourism  -HGSS Split
Climbing school completed – Omiš
Certifications: Guide of adventure tourism




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Rock climbing j.d.o.o

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