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The ideal way to discover the natural beauty of the Dalmatian hinterland and Cetina canyon. Get to know the history of the pirates of Omiš and Poljica Republic.
Biking tour starts in Omiš ( Cetinska cesta 30),at the pre-arranged time.
Taking over the bike, meeting with the guide, a short briefing, testing the bikes and your adventure can begin.

The first stage:
At the same time the most demanding stage, climbing to 300m altitude and 6 km longitudinally in the village of Gata, where we stop to enjoy beautiful view of the town of Omiš, just next to the statue of Mile Gojsalić.

Second stage:
Relaxing, mostly traveling on the flat terein and over small hills. Passing through fields and villages with a short break on a beautiful lookout overlooking the Cetina canyon. 

Third stage: 
After the descent from the village Podgrađe in Cetina river canyon and crossing the bridge Pavić, we come to the beach, where you can freshen up in the river.

Fourth stage:
After refreshing, the fourth stage begins with the rise from 150 m height and 4 km longitudinal to the village of Kučiće located on the hills of the mountain of Dinara. Passing through the village with beautiful views of the fields and natural beauty begins the descend to Radman's mills.

Fifth stage:
As we arrive to Radman' s mills and Kaštil Slanica which has a rich historical significance we can continue our 6 km trip along the beautiful river all the way to the town of Omiš where the trip ends.
Or stay in the restaurant Kaštil Slanica and taste homemade autochthonous products, such as Dalmatian prosciutto, Dalmatian beake or beef stew and of course wine and olive oil tasting . 

Food and drinks are not included in the price and if you want it it needs to be emphasized when booking the trip.

Trip info:
Duration of the tour: 4-5 h
Distance route: 54 km
Hight distance: 500 m
A tip of the road: asphalted road
Fitnes level: Difficulty (from 1-5 / 4)
Biking eqipment: Cross Viper 29 HDB and helmet
What to bring: water, some snacks, sun proctection (suncreme, sunglasses, hat..), sport clothing, swimsuit, towel and som extra clotes.  
Meating point: Omiš, Cetinska cesta 30
Payment: cash, bank payment or credit card
Price: 400 kn / 55 eur (per person)
Price includes: biking eqipment, helmet, insurance and professional guide
Minimum age: 10 years
The minimum number of participate: 2 people
Food and drink: not included (if necessary needs to be emphasised )

It is recommended for persons with better physical abilities
To take with you: water, some snacks, sun proctection (suncreme, sunglasses, hat ..), sports clothing, swimsuit, towel and some extra clothes
Emphasize if you want food and drink.

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