The Republic of Poljica and Poljica today

The Republic of Poljica was a small republic that was situated between the city of Split and the town of Omiš, following the river Cetina, stretching far into the hinterland. The republic enclosed all the little, but fertile fields in the picturesque mountainous area, from which Poljica got their name (Polja = Fields). The republic,…

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About Croatia

Croatia is a relatively new country, even though it has a long and intriguing history dating back to the 7th century. The long path to freedom was unfortunately a war stricken one, and massive damage was caused to the population, the economy and of course to the cities themselves. Some damage can still be seen…

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About Dalmatia

Dalmatia is one of the regions in Croatia that were settled earliest, and is definitely the most history filled of them all. A region so rugged, that it took even the mighty Roman Empire over 200 years to conquer! Spanning from the city of Zadar to the North, and to Dubrovnik in the south, this…

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About Omiš

Omis is a town of contrasts, both natural and historical. It was founded and grew on the steep rocky slopes of the Omis Dinara mountain, surrounded by the river Cetina in the north-west, and the sea in the south and south-east. Omiš has grown at the foot of these cliffs, beneath the Fortica castle which…

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